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Coffee Shop Start-Up Tips | Cakes and Pastries You Would Need

Starting a coffee shop is tough work. Aside from studying coffee and coffee preparation, this type of business often expands its market through pastries. However, start-ups need not worry about baking in-house. Wholesale dessert companies are to the rescue to provide baking needs for such businesses and related shops.

Food is important in your coffee shop menu. Considering that coffee and coffee-based drinks range from bitter to sweet, your coffee shop must also have cakes, desserts, sweets, and pastries available to balance out the taste of coffee.

Here are some cake, dessert, and pastry recipes that you can order from a wholesale bakery Brisbane has to offer.

French toast

For people who love to spend early mornings in coffee shops, a slice of french toast and jam is the best starter for the day. If you order French toast from a wholesale bakery, you can choose uncommon French toast recipes to give your coffee shop a unique taste.

For example, banana bread can be used as the bread for the French toast. You may also offer a variety of jam for the French toast. However, since the banana bread is sweet and fruity, a sour jam is an excellent condiment.

Don’t forget to offer coffee drinks. In the case of a banana bread French toast, a cup of hot macchiato completes a tasty breakfast meal. However, you may choose normal bread for the French toast. In fact, you can buy wholesale frozen bread in bulk from baking companies.

Chocolate cake

The classic chocolate cake must not disappear on your cake menu. Most chocolate cakes nowadays are too sweet. If you want to create a statement, the chocolate cake must not be too sweet, and the dominant taste must be of the cocoa.

A delicious slice of a not-too-sweet chocolate cake is best partnered with a hot or iced cafe latte.


If you want your coffee shop to have a unique dessert line-up, pavlovas are the best dessert options for your customers. Wholesale dessert companies can make different kinds of pavlovas according to your requirements.

Pavlovas are meringue-based desserts that are light and soft in the inside. Pavlovas are best partnered with tea and tea-based beverages. However, pavlovas also work well with coffee. Cafe Mocha is a good partner for pavlovas.

Since pavlovas are sweet, a cup of cafe mocha can balance the bitterness of coffee. The chocolate flavour in the cafe mocha also creates a bridge for the pavlova’s sweetness and the coffee’s bitterness.

Chou à la crème

Aside from cakes wholesale Perth suppliers offer, speciality pastries are also available to coffee shops. To complete the taste journey of your coffee shop’s menu, creamy and milky pastries must be present.

A nice product to buy from pastry wholesalers is profiteroles. If you want to sound French and fancy, you may call it “chou à la crème”. The creaminess of profiteroles works best with Cafe Americano’s bitterness.

Profiteroles can also be the perfect alternative for customers who don’t prefer cakes. Also, kids will love profiteroles because they are bite-size desserts.

There are so many cake and pastry recipes available. If you want to discover more recipes, visit the Country Chef Bakery Co. at to see their portfolio. They are one of the most respected and trusted wholesale dessert companies in Australia. Order cakes and pastries now to level up your coffee shop!